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Extreme weather update - 10/19/ 2017

SuperStorms take aim at 30 million people - Ireland braces for the "Ghost of Ophelia"

October 18, 2017: More extreme weather breaking out in both hemispheres of earth. Atmospheric River - Super Typhoon - Super Low /SuperStorm. Ireland braces for yet ANOTHER round of tropical storm like conditions as 330,000 set around without power from Ophelia. (Ireland, Scotland, BC, Tokyo - 30 million people)

Global temperatures have crossed the 1½°C or 2.7°F above preindustrial guardrail,

Whatever the results of the NZ election this is the reality.

NOBODY can do anything about this whatever the politicians pretend.

Global temperatures have crossed the 1.5 deg. C above preindustrial levels

No automatic alt text available.Temperatures have crossed the 1½°C or 2.7°F above preindustrial guardrail, when looking at the NASA 1880-September 2017 (included) Land & Ocean data, adjusted for a preindustrial baseline and with a polynomial trendline added.

The image also shows that the 2°C or 3.6°F guardrail was almost crossed in 2016 for monthly peaks and it looks set to be crossed for annual temperature by 2028.

The situation could get worse much more rapidly than that, as the Arctic is warming more rapidly than the rest of the word, as the other image illustrates.
Accelerating Arctic warming looks set to cause massive loss of snow and ice cover, resulting in albedo changes and additional emissions, first speeding up Arctic warming even further, and soon thereafter also speeding up global warming, with further feedbacks kicking in even more strongly, as discussed at

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No automatic alt text available.

NZ First's Winston Peters gives Labour his support

This is, at most, an occasion for some relief rather than hope. What was significant for me, as someone interested in truth rather than hype is that Winston Peters is the first NZ politician to acknowledge that a severe economic downturn is on its way.

He also said that NZ capitalism for most people is not a friend, but the enemy.

It is clear that the need for change from the neo-liberal model was the primary motivator for his decision to go into an agreement with National and the Greens.

The sad, sad reality is we have a government which will be left holding the can when everything falls apart.

In the meantime the NZ media in its entirety has played an absolutly disgusting role in trying to create a consent for more of the same policies. 

Labour finally retake power after Winston Peters gives Jacinda Ardern his support

Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern will be the country's new prime minister.

19 October, 2017

Jacinda Ardern will become prime minister as the Labour Party retake power after nine years in the cold.

Ardern learnt she's the country's new leader of the country at the same time as the public.

Meanwhile, National leader Bill English also found out he lost the role of prime minister at the same time.

NZ First leader Winston Peters hasn't mentioned the Greens in the coalition deal. He says he negotiated with Labour and it was for them to sort out the Greens agreement.

NZ First leader Winston Peters has decided to go with Labour.

Peters has been offered the role of deputy prime minister and other portfolios as part of the negotiations with Labour but he wasn't prepared to say what he would accept.

He says Ardern had "exhibited extraordinary talent" on the campaign trail and had taken the party from a "hopeless position to a position where they're in office and government today".

"Our perception was the people of this country did want change and we've responded to that."

Peters said the party had to seriously consider a "modified status quo" or a "change" when making their choice following negotiations.

The portfolios offered to NZ First as part of their negotiations with Labour was a "sizeable list" - some were big and some were small but it would be for Ardern to announce those.

While not everyone in NZ First agreed with going with Labour, Peters says it was a strong enough consensus to go ahead.

His message to National was that it was "extraordinarily disappointing in a way to have to make a decision but it was always inevitable" and he praised the way they'd gone about the negotiation talks.

He said it showed MMP in a "new light" and in a way everyone walked away from talks wishing they'd done it more often.

The Maori seats are seemingly safe as Peters says Labour holds those, while voters were "fast on the hip, they were slow on the voting hip" and didn't vote in large enough numbers to see them go.

There were jubilant cheers, including tears and hugs, from the Labour caucus room where MPs have gathered to hear Peters' decision.

Peters isn't answering any questions about whether he's sure the Greens will support the coalition.

He maintains he's never said a bad word "privately or publicly" about Greens leader James Shaw.

Peters says this coalition is between NZ First and Labour and he hasn't seen any agreements Labour have made with the Greens.

The decision comes 26 days after the election and after 11 days of NZ First's formal negotiations with National and Labour.

Both Ardern and Peters were determined to hold off negotiations until the special votes - 15 per cent of the vote - had been counted on October 7.

That proved fruitful for Labour and the Greens who picked up a seat each and put them in the game to negotiate with NZ First.

On election night National won 58 seats but that dropped back to 56 after specials were counted while the Labour-Greens bloc rose from a combined total of 61 seats - the governing threshold - to 63 seats.

In terms of the total party vote percentage - National received 44.4 per cent while the Labour and Greens block gained 43.2 per cent of the vote.

Those numbers closed the gap significantly between the two options for NZ First to govern with.

Iran is threatening to fight with Syria against Israe

Iran Vows to Fight with Syria against Israel

Israeli News Live

President Bashar al-Assad hopes that President Putin can negotiate a calm between Israel and Syria. All the while Iran is threatening to fight with Syria against Israel if Israel does not end what Iran perceives as aggression against Syria.

North Korea's nuclear testing site

North Korea’s Nuclear Testing Site Crumbling, But Far From Finished

18 October, 2017

North Korea’s nuclear testing site may be literally falling apart, with geologists claiming that repeated underground nuclear tests have fractured and perforated the rock beneath the mountainous testing ground that has hosted six nuclear tests in the last 11 years.

The Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site is North Korea's sole known site for testing atomics, and is located underground, beneath Mount Mantap. It has been the subject of much attention since the September 3 hydrogen bomb test that it hosted. That detonation was estimated to be 250 kilotons, 16-17 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped by the US on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945.

The test also caused an estimated 6.1 magnitude earthquake and potentially caused a cave-in of the testing chamber. Aftershocks of the main earthquake followed, including a 4.6 magnitude quake just eight minutes after the test. Most recently, a 2.9 magnitude earthquake occurred on October 12, more than five weeks after the initial detonation.

The thermonuclear detonation was powerful enough to have potentially made the site geologically unstable and no longer suitable for testing. This is known as "Tired Mountain Syndrome," when nuclear blasts damage underground rock formations and make the site volatile.

Mainstream outlets replied to the reports of earthquakes with headlines such as "Has North Korea Nuked Itself Out of a Nuclear Test Site?" from CBS and "North Korea's Nuclear Test Site Could Be Unstable" from NBC News. However, experts have warned against such alarmism.

Punggye-ri has three tunnel complexes, meaning that at least two are still usable. "There is no valid reason to assume that the Punggye-ri test site is unable to contain additional underground nuclear tests," said analysts with 38 North, a website that focuses on North Korean affairs.

The US dealt with Tired Mountain Syndrome themselves as the Nevada Test Site, which saw over 800 underground nuclear tests over a 41 year period and remained usable. Many of them were followed by seismic activity as well, which according to 38 North "provides evidence that such post-test tremors are not unusual."

"For the time being," 38 North concluded, "given the presence of additional test portals, we see no reason that the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site as a whole has or will be abandoned for future underground nuclear testing.

The DPRK has conducted six nuclear tests, three of them in the past two years. 
The September 2017 test utilized a hydrogen bomb 10 times as powerful as the one tested just a year prior. The rapid advance of the country's nuclear program has upset foreign powers such as the United States and the European Union, but Pyongyang insists the program is peaceful and for deterrence purposes only.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called the nuclear program a "treasured sword" and a "powerful deterrent" against the "protracted nuclear threats of the US imperialist" in a speech before the Central Committee of the Workers' Party earlier in October.

George Soros transfers $18 billion into his Open Society Foundations

George Soros prepares for all out war. Pours $18 billion of his own cash into his Open Society Foundations
George Soros has transferred billions into his Open Society Foundation

Alex Christoferou

October, 2017

It looks like Dr. Evil is pushing for a final neo-liberal destabilization offensive before the 90 year old billionaire finally turns to dust.

The globalist billionaire who has overthrown governments with violent coups (Ukraine), and seeded division and hate among Americans (BLM and ANTIFA) is gearing up for battle with the nation state anti-globalist movement sweeping the globe.

George Soros has transferred billions of his personal wealth into his NGO Open Society Foundation.

The non-profit is one of the world’s top donors to “open-borders” causes, and constantly funds illegal (and often violent) regime change operations.

WSJ reports…

George Soros, who built one of the world’s largest fortunes through a famous series of trades, has turned over nearly $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, according to foundation officials, a move that transforms both the philanthropy he founded and the investment firm supplying its wealth.
Open Society has supported efforts to overhaul immigration policies and the criminal-justice system, including prisons, and funded mentoring programs for black and Latino young men. It has supported activists working on issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mr. Soros funded Latino get-out-the-vote efforts last year and donated to largely Democratic district-attorney candidates around the country. A Hillary Clinton supporter, he was an outspoken critic of Mr. Trump, whose campaign cited Mr. Soros in a closing ad as part of a “global power structure” the ad said disadvantaged the working class.

The moves comes amid Soros catching fire from conservatives heated over NFL kneelers and Hungarian PM Orban launching a nation-wide “Soros” consultation to measure the negative impact the billionaire has on the country.

In an unholy alliance, the NFL Players Association and George Soros’ Open Society have teamed up to advocate leftists causes in the U.S. “Tax documents released by 2ndVote show the NFLPA donated $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a group active in the anti-Trump resistance and bankrolled by a host of liberal foundations, including top Democratic donor George Soros’s Foundation for Open Society,” reports Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times.

Washington Times reports…

Even before its feud over the national anthem with President Trump, the NFL Players Association wasn’t on the same political team as many of its fans, judging from its contributions to leftist advocacy groups.
A member of the AFL-CIO, the NFLPA also contributed in 2013 and 2015 to Working America, the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, which Open Secrets said spent $1 million in 2016 to defeat Mr. Trump. […]The NFLPA contributed $5,000 in 2014 to Jobs with Justice, another pro-union group backed by Mr. Soros, and $5,000 in 2013 to the progressive Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.

Meanwhile in Europe, Viktor Orb├ín’s government in Hungary is ready to expose billionaire Soros’ divisive globalist tactics, as Orban’s “national consultation,” will include new billboards and television spots highlighting Open Society’s dubious activities in Hungary.

Bloomberg reports…
The government’s “national consultation” includes a survey sent to Hungarian households about a so-called “Soros Plan” — which the government says is being carried out by the European Union — as well as billboards and television ads.
Goran Buldioski, director of Soros’ Open Society Initiatives in Europe, says Soros and his foundations support “more coherent and humane policies for helping to resettle migrants fleeing oppression and violence in their homelands” but that “there is no such thing as a global conspiracy against Hungary.”

Trump outdoes Obama in illegal drone strikes

Trump Has Killed More Civilians with Illegal Drone Strikes in 9 Months Than Obama Did in 8 Years

18 October, 2017

While the mainstream media focuses on anything but the current state of U.S. intervention in the Middle East, the Trump Administration is breaking records by accumulating a horrific number of civilian deaths.

Former President Obama earned the nickname of “
Drone King” when he dramatically escalated the use of drone strikes, while also downplaying the number of innocent civilians who became “collateral damage.” In the two years that his administration devoted to publicly spending millions of taxpayer dollars to fight the Islamic State group, the estimated civilian death toll ranged from 2,300 to 3,400according to Airwars, an organization tracking deaths in the war against ISIS.

Our minimum estimate of civilians likely killed by Coalition since 2014 is now 5,117 - with 55% of deaths occuring under Trump's leadership
During @BarackObama's 29 months at helm of ISIS war we tracked 855 alleged civilian casualty events which likely killed 2298-3398 civilians

View image on Twitter
President Trump has been in office for just 9 months, and he has already surpassed Obama’s murderous record with estimated numbers as high as 4,500 civilian deaths.

Trump made headlines in December 2015, when he 
declared that if elected, he would not only kill members of ISIS—he would also “take out their families.” He is following through on that promise, according to a report from Steven Feldstein, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

Feldstein noted that researchers have documented the rise of “frequent killing of entire families in likely coalition airstrikes” under the Trump Administration. This trend led to “the deaths of at least 57 women and 52 children in Iraq and Syria” in May.

While this may come as no surprise, considering the fact that Trump promised to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” while on the campaign trail, his administration’s offensive against the Islamic State is not the only ongoing war that is killing civilians.

According to a report from United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan documenting civilian causalities during the first half of 2017, “aerial operations” led to a “43 percent increase in civilian casualties compared to the first six months of 2016, including a 67 percent increase in civilian deaths.

While Trump bragged about giving military commanders “total authorization” to make combat decisions in Afghanistan, Washington Rep. Adam Smith said he believes that this move is contributing to the increase in civilian deaths.

“You really have the military making decisions that were designed to be made by the civilian authorities running the military,” Smith said. “We’ve seen an increase in civilian casualties. … I think they’ve become a little too indiscriminate in what they’re doing.”

The report from Feldstein noted that the Trump Administration has 
“substantially escalated air strikes and bombings” and the U.S. military “has already used 20 percent more missiles and bombs in combined air operations in 2017 than in all of 2016.”

The alarmingly high civilian death toll has continued to build up over the months. For example, from May 23 to June 23 of this year, at least 472 civilians were 
killed by U.S. airstrikes. That is significantly more than the 459 civilians who have been killed by terrorist attacks in Europe—in the last 12 years.

While the argument can be made that Trump is doing the same thing Hillary Clinton would have done if she was elected, the question has to asked as to how anyone can justify killing innocent civilians in the first place.

Obama surpassed Bush’s record, and now Trump has surpassed Obama’s record—but the only thing that has actually been “accomplished” is that thousands of innocent civilians have lost their lives, hundreds of thousands of civilians have lost their homes and their communities, and the civilians who do survive in the countries the United States is targeting now, will grow up hating America for destroying their home in the name of “Freedom.”

RED ALERT – Radioactive Cloud Strikes Europe!

RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT Clouds Touch down in Europe: Ru-103, I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137, Pb-210, Na-22, Be-7 Radioisotopes SPIKE in Czech Republic, Hemisphere-wide Data Gaps & Disturbances!

3monitorsinCzechRepublic_Ru103_Oct11_2017 copyUsti_Nad_Labem_Habrovice_CzechRepubl_Ru103_Cs_137_1mo_details_Oct11_2017 copy

I suppose I could try screaming  “RED ALERT – Radioactive Cloud Strikes Europe!!!” headline, but I’m just sipping some coffee and sighing.  Sighing not because of a rather obvious ‘alarming sign’ of a nuclear reactor MAJORLY leaking – perhaps melting down – somewhere (and not necessarily in Czech Republic itself! Though you never know, as Czech nuclear authorities may be too busy putting on Bikini shows…), nor because mainstream media is asleep at the wheel, probably sipping coffee too while waiting… for the nuclear cartel heads to give them some BS press release (which they’ll quote verbatim without asking hard questions), but because it’s really nice out and I’m postponing my plans a little just to entertain you”… 

To read the article GO HERE

Britain setting itself up for more terrorist attacks

Setting up the UK for more false flags and the removal of civil liberties

UK terror attacks likely to increase despite Isis' defeat in Raqqa
'This is not the end of the story': Experts warn radicalisation will continue as affiliates operate around the world


18 October, 2017

Terror attacks in the UK and West are likely to increase despite Isis being driven out of the Syrian city of Raqqa, analysts have warned amid fears of an al-Qaeda resurgence.

The militants’ defeat in their de facto capital has been hailed as a major victory in the three-year battle to retake swathes of Syria and Iraq, but territorial losses are being met with intensified calls for atrocities around the world.

Experts say there is no sign of the deadly trend of rudimentary but lethal Isis-inspired attacks like those in Westminster and London Bridge slowing down.

Jean-Marc Rickli, a research fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and King's College London, said Raqqa was “not the end of the story”.

It is quite the opposite because for Isis to remain relevant they have to hit the headlines, so it will go after easier and softer targets,” he told The Independent.

What we’re witnessing is an increase in the number of attacks in the West.

The destruction of Isis in Syria and Iraq will probably increase this phenomenon, not only in the West but in Asia.”

Dr Rickli said that as well as the heightened threat posed by an unknown number of foreign fighters returning to their home countries, Isis has increased its drive aimed at encouraging lone-wolf style attacks – recently extending the call to women.

The physical elimination of one group in one location doesn’t at all mean the elimination of the entire cancer [of jihadism],” he added. “The ideology is out there and that is almost impossible to destroy.”

Raffaello Pantucci, director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), said Isis was working hard on new ways to lure in new recruits without the promise of a utopian “Islamic State”.

They’ve lost territory and they’ve lost Raqqa, so there’s a less obvious ‘state’ for people who were going to come and join them,” he added.

But they have managed to spin an ideological narrative less bound to these realities, focusing on grievances and a supposed clash of civilisations.”

Adam Deen, executive director of the Quilliam Foundation, said that Isis could use images from Raqqa and other warzones as a “powerful tool” of radicalisation, having released numerous photos and videos appearing to show children and civilians killed in air strikes.

The concern is that we’ve fallen into a sense of false victory like we did with the death of Osama bin Laden,” he added.

Isis’ message was either to emigrate to the ‘caliphate’ or carry out an attack. Now they don’t have the former, all of their energy will be focused on the latter, even more so out of a sense of revenge.

We’re going to see without a doubt more attacks in the West.”

As Isis’ “caliphate” crumbles, there is an additional risk that followers unable to travel abroad will launch attacks on home soil instead – as seen in the London Bridge attack and other recent plots.

Analysts have also warned that Isis could pivot its propaganda to inspire revenge attacks borne of nostalgia for its destroyed state.

There is an additional possibility that the group could renew attempts to launch centrally organised assaults from its remaining territory in Syria and Iraq, or emerging bases elsewhere.

With Raqqa as Isis’ de-facto capital and base of operations, it presented an easy target for surveillance operations and air strikes but key operatives will be now more difficult to track.

Insurgents affiliated with the group control pockets of territory in countries including Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Nigeria and the Philippines – all of which could be used as future bases for international attacks.

Isis has continued efforts to expand its global operations, with an unverified video released this week claiming to show a new group of jihadis pledging allegiance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Research shows that Isis’ propaganda operations has been declining over the past year, although videos, statements and magazines are still being published in multiple languages including English, Turkish, Arabic and Russian.

Isis’ propaganda wing has taken a hit but it will continue to put out its message,” Mr Deen warned.

Social media companies have improved removals but it’s not just about censorship, it’s about providing a counter-narrative because people will go underground to get the information.

The alternative is where we’re struggling.”

Isis has continued to put out propaganda from warzones as it loses territory 

Mr Deen, himself a former member of Anjem Choudary’s banned al-Muhajiroun network, said Quilliam was among the organisations involved in counter-extremism programmes but warned of a “long and drawn-out battle ahead”.

He suggested that returned fighters who are disillusioned with Isis and can expose the group’s hypocrisy and brutality could be used to dissuade future followers.

Experts are divided on the danger posed by returnees, who have not yet emerged in the UK in numbers once feared.

Amarnath Amarasingam, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, said his research indicated that jihadis who want to fight abroad and those who want to attack locally are “two different kinds of people”.

One is more interested in leaving the sinful West and wants to help fight for what they perceive to be a more pure society – the ones who attack locally are mostly motivated by revenge and wanting to pay back the West for attacks in Syria,” he explained, warning that there was some overlap.

Mr Pantucci said former militants’ behaviour would be hard to predict, adding: “Very few go out to go off to a place like Syria and Iraq with the intention of training and coming back to be a terrorist.”

But some of the deadliest attacks in Europe have been carried out by trained foreign fighters, including the cell behind the Paris and Brussels attacks, and the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi is believed to have met Isis members in Libya.

Mr Deen said statistics show that the likelihood of carrying out a terror attack is dramatically increased for individuals who undergo combat training abroad, with those returning possibly feeling a heightened sense of grievance over Isis losses.

Youssef Zaghba, one of the London Bridge attackers, had been prevented from joining Isis in Syria

Andrew Parker, the director-general of MI5, previously revealed that seven plots have been foiled in the UK in as many months as the threat “operates at a scale and pace we have not seen before”.

The threat is more diverse than I’ve ever known,” he said in a speech on Tuesday. “Plots online, complex scheming and also crude stabbings, lengthy planning, but also spontaneous attacks.”

Around 500 live operations are currently underway, targeting 3,000 of the most dangerous known jihadists, while at least 20,000 are being monitored after previously appearing on the counter-terrorism radar.

Analysts have warned that the real threat may be far larger as “clean skins” not previously known for extremist links are inspired to launch attacks.

Dr Amarasingam said the “glory days of Isis recruitment” that saw more than 800 British followers leave for Syria and Iraq in 2014 and 2015 are over, adding: 

“Their efforts at recruitment will of course continue, but their message will change, what they ask of recruits and supporters will change, and we just have to make sure we are listening carefully, both to local messages and their messages to supporters abroad.”

While Isis has been credited with driving a dramatic increase in global terror attacks since 2014, the international focus on the group has allowed its rival al-Qaeda to gather strength elsewhere.

The group was virtually written off after heavy losses in Iraq during the mid 2000s, and again with the killing of its leader in 2011, but is now operating both openly and through affiliates across the Middle East and Africa.

Dr Rickli said the group, which spawned Isis but has since publicly denounced it for being too extreme, had been gathering members in the Idlib region of Syria but still had international ambitions.

In the future it is possible that we will see attacks in the West by both Isis and al-Qaeda supporters, we shouldn’t dismiss the rising threat of al-Qaeda that has been rebuilt and will now probably strike again in the West,” he added.

We shouldn’t forget the lessons of what happened earlier – it might be that it won’t be Isis or al-Qaeda that emerges as the next powerful group but a new one built on the lessons of the failures of its predecessors. You never know.”