Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Possible false flag in Hawaii and the preparations for war in Korea

The whole business of the “False Alert” in Hawaii on Sunday is so huge and how it ties into the countdown to war in the Korean peninsula that I have put my thoughts together with some videos and links.

The thoughts are mine but my conclusions are based partilally on verifiable facts and unverified information and even rumours (?)

Even if only part of this turns out to be true there is plenty of reason to be deeply worried.

If I was a betting man I would say the Canadian meeting, the military preparations are leading up to an action that I would say would happen after the Korean winter Olympics.

There is historical precedent for this. 

Are preparations been made for 
war with North Korea?

Developments surrounding the ‘false alarm’ in Hawaii


I want to clear my mind by writing about what I know.
There was a “False Alarm” which was explained by the mainstream media as someone’s fat finger pressing the wrong button leading to panic amongst the people of Hawaii.

A tweet was put out by Command for a 1 pm meeting to discuss “the missile”.
This was immediately deleted but not before someone caught it in a screenshot..
Someone from the airbase tweeted that the False Alarm was not a mistake.
Not long afterwards a body was found near the airstrip.

It has been reported (or rumoured) today that the body was that of the servicerman whistleblower.

Just coincidental....

It would have to be explained how once again a reporter from MSNBC was at Diamondhead the day before doing "research" on nuclear sirens and the morning the Hawaii launch happened he "just so happened" to be reporting LIVE from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Coincidence

(Jacob Soboroff NEVER comes to Hawaii. He is a NEW YORK LIBTARD and the fact that he was IN a bunker reporter hours before it happened is a major red flag. 

What other "reporting" like this has this guy done in the past that he was the go-to guy to send to Hawaii to "investigate" nuclear missile alarms system? And just right before the alert actually was sent! What a scoop! What uncanny timing! Why was he REALLY there? Who ELSE was there with him?)

It just has to be another great coincidence that not only Huma Abedin was in Hawaii at the time, but also Bill Clinton. Amazingly, former NZ-PM John Key was holidaying in Hawaii. As usual he was “unfazed”

Former President Clinton Visits Big Island

Some people are saying 'Q' foresaw the whole thing.

Earlier today Japanese NHK reported on a N Korean missile attack but this was withdrawn in minutes.

We have US aircraft headed for Korea that can block electronic communication.

Air Force deploys three B-2 stealth bombers to Guam

Finally we have a meeting in Canada (a war meeting?) to which neither China nor Russia, who have been trying to broker peace, were invited.

U.S.-led meeting urges North Korea pressure despite North-South detente

China, Russia not invited to summit on North Korea in Canada

Dark shit going down. Who knows? It may soon be time to say your prayers. The Korean winter Olympics are in a couple of weeks.

During the Beijing Olympics in 2008 Georgia attacked South Ossetia.

During the Sochi winter Olympics in early 2014 the American-organised coup in Ukraine occured.

#EuroMaidan revolution: 2014 Ukrainian coup timeline

I’m sure there’s more but that’s all I can think of.
I will leave off with the incisive voice of Debbie, the Sane Progressive

This is what it is like to be homeless in Seattle

This is seering and hard to watch

Living under a bridge doesn't stop this homeless woman from staying positive.

UPDATE: New vlog Manda shows us her camp and why it feels good to give 

A few months back I logged onto Facebook and was greeted by a smiling homeless woman's selfie in front of a tent holding up a cup of coffee. It was captioned "good morning." 

Today, I met Manda at her homeless encampment where she made me a cup of coffee! Most of the time I meet homeless people in person on the streets or in a homeless shelter. Then we often connect online and become friends. Manda and I became friends online first. I got to know her a little before seeing how she survives homelessness. I am having a hard time processing it all. Lots of emotions both good and bad right now! 

Manda is an amazing woman. She is disabled from severe brain trauma, yet because she is high functioning, she falls through the gaps in the safety net. I have been working with her trying to help find a path out of homelessness, but the walls bureaucracy are impossible to break through. 

For all the people that believe homeless people are lazy, I wish they could just spend an hour in Manda's shoes! She works hard to keep her tent camp clean. She works hard getting to treatment and therapy. She works hard every single day trying to survive. And she works extremely hard to stay positive while facing the madness of homelessness each and every day! 

We must get Manda out from under that bridge into housing. Because of her health and being a woman out on the streets, she is extremely vulnerable living outside. If you are connected to social services in Seattle or know anyone that is, please reach out to them and forward Manda's story. I have talked to her social worker. Her health issues are severe, and we need to get this woman inside! 

Manda vlogs on her Facebook page you can find here 

If you'd like to help support her directly this is her GoFundMe page 

You can also find Manda on Twitter

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